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Dimensione del file: Mi tocca fare il guastafeste. Ricordiamo che arena80 è seguita da stagionati nostalgici ma anche da minorenni e ben vengano, vista la cultura videoludica che cerchiamo di trasmettere! Learn More — opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. For etudy information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions imoral opens in a new window or tab. Utente di lunga data.

Research shows that about half of all pregnancies are unintended and of all these unintended pregnancies 4 out of 10 are terminated. As a result of unwanted pregnancies about 1. Klusendorf There are three main reason women give for having abortions.

Some say that having a baby would interfere with their lifestyle in several ways such as work, school, or other responsibilities. Some say due to economic challenges and financial obligations they cannot afford a child.

Over half say they do not want to be a single parent with the responsibility of rearing a child alone with little or no support from their partner. Or they report that they are having relationship problems with their husband or partner. There are other options to consider when a life is at stake. If you cannot keep the baby for whatever reason s you can put the infant up for adoption. Abortion is not the answer.

I see this as a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There are many couples that want to adopt and provide a good home for a child. They should be given the chance to be parents just as the child should be given a chance to live. I would ask the pregnant mother or father what if your parents had decided to abort you or how would you feel if you were the infant, not given a chance to live? Our choices to make decisions that affect life should be approached in a way that is considerate of everyone involved, even the ones who dont have a voice.

If no one speaks for those that cannot speak for themselves what kind of morals, ethics, and values do we have as a human race? Observing somebody without physical sight experiencing and understanding the world around him - and ACTUALLY documenting that process - was the essential statement of the film. Roberto Rippa: The film begins as a character study and has a documentary look. Then, all of a sudden, it turns into a noir and a very effective one.

How did you manage to obtain this? Kitao Sakurai: The consistency of tone results from the fact that during shooting we approached all the material — real or fictional — in the same way. We treated everything as a cinematic reenactment, we never made any distinction between truth and fiction. I tried to make a film that was all about this flavor - of exposing reality through stylization. Roberto Rippa: How did you work with Larry and Darren — both non professional actors - when the narrative of the film changed and they had to act?

Kitao Sakurai: Again, the lack of distinction between the fictional and non-fictional scenes applied to the acting as well. There is no such thing as pure documentation, just as there is no such thing as pure fiction.

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I tried to write a story that always stayed consistent to what I felt was in the spirit of the players. The journey that Larry goes on is in one sense completely imagined, but the emotion that he applied to it was firmly grounded in the truth of his own psyche.

Roberto Rippa: I read that you started working with a 20 pages synopsis and that you wrote the dialogues on the set while filming. Was this a choice to let the actors improvise or you wrote them and they had to act them?


Kitao Sakurai: Yes, it was a choice to let the players improvise their own dialogue. Essentially, I asked the players to find their own words for what their characters were saying, which we would then refine and clarify throughout the filming process. We did this on set, fresh, for every scene.

Roberto Rippa: What made you decide to appear briefly in a key role at the end of the film? Kitao Sakurai: I would like the audience to see the film and not give away too much about the ending, but I played a role that acknowledges the specific process we were using to construct the world of the film.

Our Immoral Soul

There are moral ambiguities that exist in myself as a filmmaker and the character I ultimately play. How did you manage to get it all together in such a successful way? Kitao Sakurai: The idea of moving quickly, without consciously thinking through every decision or scenario is what allowed this film to happen.

The idea came to me and we decided to immediately make the film with what we had.

Ho provato la curiosa sensazione di osservarlo senza essere osservato. A quella distanza, le nostre realtà erano piuttosto lontane ma con la vicinanza e il contatto diventavano essenzialmente le stesse. Per me era decisivo che Larry e Darren interpretassero se stessi e mettessero in scena le loro stesse vite e relazioni.


Osservare una persona priva di vista sperimentare e capire il mondo attorno a lui — e documentare realmente questo processo - è stata la motivazione essenziale del film. Poi, improvvisamente, si trasforma in un noir un noir efficace e questo non cambia il ritmo del film.

Come sei riuscito a ottenere questo risultato? Kitao Sakurai: La coerenza del tono è il risultato del fatto che durante la lavorazione abbiamo affrontato il materiale, vero o immaginario, allo stesso modo. Abbiamo trattato tutto alla stregua di una messa in scena cinematografica, non abbiamo mai fatto alcuna distinzione tra realtà e finzione.

Sento che nel cinema di narrazione, sia il residuo del mondo reale a dare pepe al piatto. Ho tentato di fare un film che girasse intorno a questo sapore: quello di esporre la realtà attraverso la stilizzazione.

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